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01:53 AM | Sun, 11 Dec 2016

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Podar Jumbo Kids ties up with RentSher for Providing over 6K Costumes for Kids Functions

331 Days ago

Convenience, choice and most of all, fractional cost, is making it attractive for many to rent costumes and party dresses online. Leading play school chain in South India- Podar Jumbo Kids is also doing the annual days of 40 centers in a new way this year- by tying up with www.rentsher.com to provide complete costume and event rentals for putting up a great show for kids and parents.


Traditionally, till 2014 each of the playschool and each center when organizing school functions like annual days or cultural events had the hassle of scouting for right vendors and tailors for the event and costumes. Things started changing as in 2015- RentSher provided the one stop shop for over a dozen playschools with costumes delivered to parents or at the school doorstep. With a large collection browsable online and also customized event management, RentSher also provided transparency and discoverability and finally economical prices.


Ms Preethi, Master Franchisee for Karnataka for Podar Jumbo Kids and Head of Karnataka Chapter, Early Childhood Association spoke of the partnership- “As a preschool brand, Podar Jumbo Kids, puts the safety of children foremost during planning for any event. We were very happy with the safety features and quality provided by Rentsher in terms of the costumes and other deliverables. We are happy to handover the entire logistics to Rentsher, leaving us free to take care of what is most important to us, our children!”


In general renting dresses and costumes is a better way to party-  “I moved to Bangalore in 2008 after spending a year at Oxford for my MBA study. On a student budget, I  used to rent a tuxedo for many formal occasions in Oxford. When I came back in Bangalore I searched for similar options  in the space of designer jewellery , sherwani , Tuxedo & western evening gowns for my wife but they were few and far ..” Recalls Harsh Dhand, CEO of RentSher. “The few shops/boutiques who were doing rentals were located at far corners of the city, renting them out meant visiting a shop thrice once for choosing second to pick it up and lastly to return it. ”


Fast forward 2016, start-ups such as www.RentSher.com are bringing  this market online. These online options have great variety, advance browsing, various sizes and end to end services including online booking in advance, home delivery and pick-ups. But most of all, by renting, instead of buying a dress that you would wear only once or twice anyways, customers are saving a huge amount of money.


“I am environmentally conscious person. So I try to live minimalistic, that means limited wardrobe. With that, every formal or traditional event meant a nightmare.” Quotes Ketaki who along with Abhijit had ideated RentSher. “But now which sharing economy culture growing in India, I can have largest wardrobe possible with faction of cost, both economically and environmentally."


The trend is not limited to Bangalore, known for its multi-cultural, tech savvy population. Karandeep Vohra who heads RentSher’s Delhi operations sees a similar trend in Delhi. “In the fashion circles of Delhi, repeating the dress is almost criminal. Once it’s tagged on the social networking sites it goes at the back of the closet for a good 2-3 years and then too it worn again amongst the same set of people.  There are only so many tuxedos, gowns, coats or  lehengas or sarees that one can afford to buy.” Karandeep quotes. “So options like RentSher are welcomed with both hands in national capital.”


Abhishek Pahuja, who owns an offline costume shop “Praksah Fancy Dress” is all for Rentsher – “Not only does it open another channel for my business the analytics provided by the team also help me understand what is trending and new on the block.” 

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