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02:07 AM | Sun, 11 Dec 2016

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ViSenze Brings Visual Search to a Whole New Level with Breakthrough Technology that Intelligently Detects and Identifies Objects in Images

318 Days ago

Business Wire India
A pioneer in machine intelligence, ViSenze has launched the most advanced SaaS visual search technology by enhancing it with a new Automatic Object Recognition feature. It enables detection and classification of products in images, making visual search easier and faster for consumers.
[To see how the technology works, view the video here:
The technology presents a game changer for the fast-growing Indian e-commerce industry, whose top players have already adopted visual search in 2015. Looking to raise the bar further, these businesses are looking into further innovations to simplify the search experience for their users. And this enhanced technology might push the rapid adoption of visual search in India to even higher rates.
As ViSenze provides visual tech solutions to e-commerce giants such as Flipkart, CaratLane, BlueStone, and Roposo, the company has been continuously pushing the boundaries of technology innovation for the Indian market, having already customized their solutions for Indian ethnic wear.
Following hard on the heels of those efforts, the Automatic Object Recognition feature - currently in beta version, presents a new potential for Indian e-commerce companies to attract, engage, and retain end users in this massive ecosystem.
The feature has the ability to automatically detect and recognize the objects present in a query image before searching for the most visually similar items. Thus, it cuts out steps in the visual search process for end users, where they no longer need to manually crop out noisy backgrounds, or select a category before they search.
The entire search process is now fully automated - from the instant an image query is uploaded, to the final generation of results - allowing for an, even more, streamlined, intuitive, and efficient experience for end users.
“As a pioneer in visual technology and machine intelligence space, we are constantly pushing the technology envelope to enhance the consumer experience. By making our algorithms smarter, we have created the most simple and elegant visual search user experience in the field,” said Guangda Li, Co-Founder, and CTO of ViSenze.
At the moment, the Automatic Object Recognition feature is able to detect various types of fashion items, such as tops, dresses, skirts, bottoms, shoes, bags, watches and Indian ethnic wear such as Sarees, Kurtas and Kurtis. Besides further improving and fine-tuning the feature for specific cases and requirements, ViSenze will be expanding into other product categories based on the needs and feedback from consumers and potential clients.
Available for both desktop and mobile platforms, the new feature can be implemented via a simple API integration on the backend.
This feature is available for testing on the company’s new demo app for Android, called Weardex.
About ViSenze
ViSenze originates from an R&D spin-off from the National University of Singapore in 2012, and develops highly advanced visual search algorithms, combining state-of-the-art deep learning with the latest computer vision technology to solve search and recognition problems faced by businesses in the visual web space.
The company provides its visual technology APIs through a Software-as-a-Service offering to online retailers, content owners, brands and advertisers, app developers and digital publishers, enabling their platforms to recognize products for retrieval purposes or instant purchases. Some of their customers include e-commerce marketplaces and retailers such as Flipkart, Zalora, Lazada, and content management platforms like Patsnap.

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